Physics Lab :- 
This lab is well equipped and provides students a kind of workshop to indulge in scientific activities. It has the capacity to accommodate 50 students at a time. The main aim of this lab has been to provide a scientific base to the budding scientists.

Chemistry Lab :-
This lab is well equipped with chemical reagents and is a perfect one. All the experiments are carefully done under the instructions of the lab assistant. It provides students training to analyses various phenomena.

Biology Lab :-
This lab has all the features which it should possess and is fully equipped with instruments as well as the remains of the plants and the organisms.

Computer Lab  :-
The most salient feature of this institute is its computer lab which is well equipped with computers of latest versions and with all utilities of computers like printer, cd-writers, scanner. Internet facility is also provided in this lab. and all of the computer of this lab are inter-connected through LAN. It provides hands on experience in both software and hardware sections.

Music Room :-
The institute has a music room which provides students entertainment and makes them stress free. This music room has all instruments both vocal and instrumental like Guitar, Sitar, Flute etc. Special emphasis is given on classical music. Here the faculty trains the students in every aspect of music like Light and Classical.

Conveyance :-
The institute provides its own bus facilities to the students coming from different areas of the town. It also has bus facilities in adjoining areas in the radius of 30 Kms.

Playground :-
The school has a lush green play field including fields of Hockey, Football, Table Tennis, Badminton etc. Special coaching is provided in Hockey, Football and Badminton. All the necessary equipments of various games are provided by the institute.


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